Just wondering at the moment I am out of work and claiming job seekers, I suffer from these horrible cysts from time to time and seem to have one coming back now, last one was about 2 years ago and time before that was 10 years ago, obviously starting to get a lot of pain in the area so struggling to get to the job centre and fulfil my requirements to job seekers, does anyone claim disability for this disease, was thinking of talking to my doctor about it as at the moment I am constantly in bed and can't walk too far cause of the pain.
The thing is you can only be on ESA with a sick note for 13 weeks then you have to go for a medical, have you been for that or has it not been 13 weeks yet, I don't think I could go for it as hardly walk in that much pain.
I was on ESA for just over a year with no medical in sight, they're that busy the wait for a medical is really long.

I'm now a student so I don't claim it any more.
I am on ESA at the moment but for other things but was gonna try make it to the doctors as they want me to go in for a medical now but it's miles away and with my cyst starting to act up again it's painful to be mobile so might see if the doctor can give me a note to dismiss me from the medical, should be able to get disability for this thing as when you get it your life definitely changes, can't walk far if at all, and definitely most of the time can't leave the house.