Dr. Immerman is fantastic!!


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My son and I just returned home from Wisconsin six days ago. We traveled from Ohio to see Dr Immerman. My son has been suffering with this disease since 2016. He has been through six failed surgeries, including the Y flap procedure performed by a colo/rectal surgeon and a plastic surgeon.
I would 1000% recommend Dr. Immerman! I wish we would have gone to him five surgeries ago.
The process is pretty easy, when you call the office they will review your case via pictures and history through email. Dr. Immerman will determine if you are a candidate for surgery. Due to covid we needed to be in Wisconsin four days before surgery so my son could be tested. He was seen the day before surgery by the Dr. on Thursday the 18th, then Friday was surgery. As crazy as it sounded to travel to Wisconsin for this surgery at first, now I feel it is crazy to not go!
Dr. Immerman is absolutely fantastic!! He understands the mental and physical trauma associated with this disease. The entire staff at Sacred Heart Hospital are wonderful! It is a smaller hospital where you are treated with such care and common sense. He has preformed over 600 surgeries to fix the disease.
We stayed at a fantastic Airbnb called Middle Ground, very affordable, much cheaper than a hotel, plenty of room to spread out and close to the hospital and Doctor's office. Not a lot of stairs to deal with post op. We stayed six days after surgery to have the drain tube removed by Dr. Immerman.
I could not believe that my son was able to sit in a chair the day of surgery, and tolerated the ten hour ride home. Two weeks post op, the incision is dry and clean, everything looks really really good.