Dr. Wadie, Dr. Immerman, Dr. Bascom - Surgeries Postponed (Covid-19)


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After looking up some of the advice on this forum, I found Dr. George Wadie at the WakeMed practice in Raleigh and had a preliminary appointment. I actually told him about this site which he wasn't aware of. Anyway, I was originally supposed to have surgery with him next week, but unfortunately today he told me that the governor of NC announced that all "elective" surgeries were postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. I was about to have this over with! However, I understand that there are more pressing issues currently so I'm fine with having to wait until the pandemic is settled and once surgeries can proceed again.

I looked up Dr. Immerman's practice (Evergreen Surgical Pilonidal Clinic in Eau Claire, WI) and his practice is postponed with the virus as well: https://pilonidal.net/covid19/

Similarly, so is Dr. Bascom's practice (Northwest Surgical Specialists in Springfield, OR): https://www.nwsurgicalspecialists.com/

Looks like that those that are suffering will have to persevere for a little longer, but I hope the light at the end of the tunnel is close for us all! Hang in there!