Early Pilonidol

Hello everyone,

I’ve been searching this website among many others since Sunday— the first time I laid on my back and said “Ow!”. My journey all started about two years ago. My crack itched soooo much for a few months. I thought it was due to hot weather conditions so I put some itch cream on it and boom! The itching went away.

About a year and a half ago I noticed a little divet in the top of my crack. I also didn’t think much of it since it didn’t hurt or bring me any discomfort. Just a little dimple I noticed.

Fast forward to Sunday— I turn over in my back in bed and had discomfort. I touched back there and there is now a bump the size of a pea on the top left of my butt crack. I frantically googled and found you all here. I’m sure I definitely have a pilonidol cyst. At first, I didn’t think I had any pits because I couldn’t feel them. I had my partner take some pictures and I definitely have 3 small ish pits.

I have made three appointments: one with my GP, dermatologist and one with Jeffrey Sternberg who is a pilonidol surgeon in the Bay Area where I live. I am happy that he is around, because it seems like folks have had good experiences with him. The problem is that my appointments aren’t for three weeks. I’m worried my condition will get worse by then. I’ve been really careful, soaking and keeping it clean. The cyst has decreased in size slightly and I’m experiencing slight less discomfort than Sunday— making sure to keep it easy and lay on my stomach and not sit as much as possible.

Any advice to an early pilo catcher? I’m so nervous— and thinking that this will be extremely painful if it gets any worse

Hey there! Smart move scheduling an appointment with Dr. Sternberg, I’ve also read a lot of good things about him.

I know it’s hard not to stress, but try your best to relax! I’m sure you’ve read a lot of horror stories about how bad these cysts can get. However, remember that people with less intense experiences are less likely to talk about it; it’s not quite as memorable. You’re handling this super well so far - scheduling appointments, keeping the area clean, soaking, and doing your research. That’s probably about all you can do for now. Yes, your cyst could get bigger and more painful before your appointment, but also maybe it won’t!

Your situation sounds very similar to mine - small cyst with a few pits. If it’s any comfort, I’ve been in your situation for a year and it’s never gotten very bad. Several minor flare ups that went away on their own (no lancing, very mild pain) and a round of antibiotics once. Obviously I can’t promise that yours will be the same. Just know that your cyst very well could behave itself until your appointment (that’s where I’m at now too - April 15th can’t come fast enough!).
I agree that you are doing all you can do at the moment. Keep caring for it the best you can until you see Dr. Sternberg. He will definitely know the best route for you. If it is more painful by the time you see him, it won’t prevent him from being able to do surgery or treat you, so just try to hang in there! You’ve made a great decision by going to see him!