Empirical Research, low-carb/low-glucose diet healed wounds... ALL BETTER!


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I've had pilonidal cyst since about age 18 (didn't know what they were until age 30). We all the know the extreme pain associated with the infection that breaks out the backside... and it gets worse and worse until you develop a consistent drainage site from years of scar tissue. My worst occurrences were in my late 20's to early 30's until i figured out how to keep the infection away permanently for me.

During a fairly recent 5 year period I had these cysts about every 3 months. One even bursted while I was lecturing to my college students (quite embarrassing the smell, blood on my backside, etc..). I consulted for a surgical option, but they said it would require a min of 3-5 weeks of bed rest, and 3 more months of healing, which i cannot grant with my job circumstances. But I "accidently" discovered something that worked (this is not a product nor a sales pitch, just my own empirical research/experience). I'm a real sufferer of this.

It's really pretty simple... and an accidental discovery. I went on a low-carb (low net sugar/carb) diet to lose weight. During that 18 months I lost 75lbs, but realized my every-3-month pilonidal cyst attacks had ceased. I mean, I did not have one outburst, not one swelling. I realized that it must be the lower blood sugar in my body. I kept my carbs under 30 net carbs a day. I mean, it made sense to me... bacteria feed on sugar... get rid of the blood sugar and the bacteria should starve, right?

It stayed that way for some time until i went on a cruise and blew up my carbs again. During the cruise, I had gained about 12 pounds, and eventually broke good habits and went back on a path to regaining all of my weight +30 over the next two years. During that time I had 6 pilonidal cyst reactions.

Also during that time, I slowly went from 200lbs to 303lbs and I developed kidney problems too.

I was looking for a healthier way to live, so I discovered an even healthier type of diet... GAPS... which is basically a low-carb diet that strictly organic, and focuses more on finding nutrition from good fats, organ meats, probiotics, fermented foods, etc., rather than so much of the excessive muscle meats that the Atkin's diet promotes. Basically, it focuses on getting the gut healthy, and allowing your body to take over on healing you and getting you to a healthy weight.

So hear I am now.... back down to 230lbs (organically working my way to 200lbs again), and I have not had one single pilonidal cyst reaction since I started reducing my net carbs again (10 months now). My kidneys are working great, I only take a small BP med now (used to take 4 of them), and I'm off all other meds. My cholesterol HDL's are better than ever, all my labs show "normal" (used to have at least 5 items spike).

So if you want to get better, lower those NET CARBS... which, in turn, will keep the bacteria starved-out. If you want to get even more results with your health, lower the net carbs and increase the good fats in your diet, and go as organic as you can in your eating. I'm so glad to be over these cysts.

This is my experience. I hope it helps.

PS: If you ever do come off the low-carb diet, it still takes a few months for the cysts to come back... so a cruise or one week off here-and-there shouldn't be enough to bring the cysts back. Good luck!


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Oh, and BTW... excising the lesion and/or antibiotics only work as a temporary solution.... They will not cure this problem.