Excision with open wound healing log Jan14,2019


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Today is January 14th 2019. I have had an itchy and sore tailbone for the last 5 years now. I also suffer from pelvic floor tightness. However, in June of 2018 i started to notice something was not right. My tailbone was more sore than usual and i had a lump so big that it pushed one gluteal into the other.
That was my first of three infections. It was diagnosed a pilo cyst via ultrasound and the pits on my midline. I was given Keflex for it three times in 2 week intervals over the next 5 months. The relief barely lasted a few weeks.

I never had leakage, just that same dreaded itchy follicle, that itch right before the real pain comes. I could not deal with constant antibiotics as I seem to get fungal infections when i take them. Plus keflex is hard on the gut microbiome and takes its toll.

Fast foreward to dec 20, i was lucky enough to have gone to the hospital and was seen by Dr.Monaghan. So the third time i felt ir come back i made the appt for december 20 to see him. He is one of those in the surgeon hall of fame. We made a date for excision with open wound healing for Jan 14 2019..

Its 5 am, im due at the hospital in 7 hrs. Im scared, even though this man is a fantastic surgeon. Everyday i put my faith in gods hands... Its not as big as some, 3.2cm by 1.6cm by 0.6cm.

Im trying to be brave. I know he has perfected this technique, and im going to be healed. I will document my healing process and keep updates. I have everything ready to go thanks to my wonderful, caring wife.

For all of you out there suffering......my heart goes out to you...... I cant say that i am even close to the worst case. But, i have an idea of what you feel, and its absolutely horrible. I am praying each day you get closer to that light at the end of the tunnel. Bless you all.


Wishing you the best of luck on your surgery! Just know, you’re not alone and one day (hopefully soon) it will all be better. Keep us posted!


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Wishing you the best of luck on your surgery! Just know, you’re not alone and one day (hopefully soon) it will all be better. Keep us posted!
Thank you for your kind wishes :)

Today is day 2, my first dressing change went well and, i am awaiting my second. I only really use pain medication now 30 mins before wound care as well as 1 before bed time.

I have been making sure to get up and walk and even made it up and down the stairs 5 times or so yesterday. Sleep has been on my stomach, i dont want to chance it on my side yet, even though laying on my side is comfortable.

I sat this morning on the toilet... Here is some golden advice... Start taking stool softeners 2 per day the day before surgery. Ive been doing that and eating nothing but fruits, veggies and some fish and my stool was not solid but "well formed". Its well worth your while to AVOID CONSTIPATION AT ALL COSTS. Also having a helper to check and see if you wiped completely really helps.

Other than that 0 complaints, my wonderful wife took 2 weeks off to be with me after my surgery, and my goal is to see how much i can do without her having to do it! Im not going to overdo it though. She has been a huge help.

My follow up appt with Dr.Monaghan is jan 30, i will definitely keep you all informed.


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Lol. On day 2.5 i got a hemorrhoid. This solidifies what i said above. Its worth noting im on multiple medications which dry your stool, so its definitely mandatory to keep your bowels going.

I quit ALL pain meds as of day two, the size of the hole on that day was 1.5 inch long 1 inch wide and 1 inch deep. I dont even take regular tylenol. Daily wound packing with aquacel is not a problem, they even had to wipe out some sluff which is just excess white blood cells at the bottom, that hurt a little bit, but honestly these wound nurses are so good you wont even know theyre done.

The reason i quit all pain meds was
1. I hate any anal pain, so small hemmorhoid vs 1 inch cubed hole. Ill take the hole. (I had an anal fissure for around 6 months rerip daily)
2. Read up about opioid induced immunity reduction. Opioids reduced your bodies abilities to fight infection, increases your chances to get one and if you have cold sores or anything like that it will make you more likely to get them. Plus, you do NOT want to get a cough while this is happening.

3. If you get an anal fissure or a hemmorhoid it will be much harder to clean your anus. That just cannot happen as you MUST make sure its super clean to avoid infection. This is key.

With that said im still moving daily, avoiding constipation, and am able to do basic things on my own. You should under no circumstances try to be a hero, lol im paying for it today. Right after wound packing plus sluff cleaning,i went downstairs, cooked some eggs then hung out with my mom, and ive been very active inside.

Instead of showering i use a soapy towel to clean myself off making sure i get NOWHERE near the wound. Do NOT wash your head and let the water run down your back into the wound, or get the pad over the wound get wet.

Sleeping on my stomach sucks but meh, i switch to my sides even if it hurts to get that blood flowing. Pain wakes me up but i do manage to sleep.

In summary for today, im only 8 days in, if i said im not in pain id be lieing. This hurts, sometimes a lot lol as im writing this im at about a 6 to 8 out of 10 fluctuating pain. Here is WHY YOU SHOULD NOT WORRY.

Right now i am taking 7 medications, and i have a condition called pelvic floor hypertonicity which amplifies my tailbone pain. It means ALL of the muscles in my uritogenital area are tight like guitar strings. If YOU are generally in good health, and keep your bowels going with fiber, lots of water and a mild laxative, you can easily take pain meds and you will feel nothing. Im actually happy im not or i would probably be trying to do things i shouldnt. Will post again soon. You are ALL in my heart, i have suffered one tenth what some of you have. My blessings and prayers to all of you.


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DAY 11

Wound is still draining a fair bit, however i have been told that it is completely normal and necessary to an extent, so i am not worried. I noticed a bit more pain than usual today, however this could be due to just having tried to again be more mobile than i should, plus feeling my tense pelvic floor.

2 things i am grateful for healthwise

1. No infection
2. Reduction of that damn hemmorhoid. Oh man that thing is almost gone thank god.

My wife and family have been very supportive, im very grateful for that as well. Sleep well all.


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DAY 20

Haha so i ended up catching a cold om day 17. First day was unpleasant with coughing, but, more tolerable than i thought. Second day much better and today im fine.

The wound is still draining a fair bit, however, the woundcare nurses assure me that this is normal for a wound this size. Dressing changes are easy now, virtually painless. I can lay on both sides very comfortably as well as sleep on them. I practice sitting for a few mins daily to see how it feels and get used to it. I am told the wound looks healthy and is granulating which is very good news.

Hah i ate mcdonalds yesterday, which was probably a dumb idea, however my wife and i had a craving for it. I am supplementing with zinc and vitamin c for better tissue repair. Im praying it helps.

So far i cannot complain, to be honest i thought this would be far worse for someone with my health history. I hope and pray that progress continues. May light shine on you all. This is not easy by any means, but it certainly could be a lot worse. I will spend today being grateful.

See you in a few more days.


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DAY 35

the wound seems to be healing at an acceptable rate and im now removing the pad over the wound and showering freely.

Moving is a lot less painful and so is bending. I have seen the wound and it looks a lot better now that it did weeks ago. The nurses say its looking very healthy and coming in quite nicely. I cannot WAIT to get laser hair removal as soon as the doctors allow me and hopefully, never have this problem again..

Sitting for me is still difficult however i chalk it up to my pelvic floor, if it wasnt so tense i dont think it would be half as bad. Tomorow i will be going to my old highschool to give a 1 hour talk to some kids about how to not get into trouble lol.

Other than that, just waiting to be able to get my hair removal, get back to pelvic floor physio and get back to work. Will keep you all updated as promised right up until the last piece of flesh fills in.

Much love goes out to you all.


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DAY 55

the wound seems to be coming along exceptionally, fingers crossed. It is now almost flush with the skin and the sides are growing in quicker than the hair can catch up.

Just saw my surgeon he is extremely pleased with the recovery. I will be going back to work, god willing next month and am grateful for things happening the way they did so far. He estimates that the wound will be fully closed in 30 days or less. I can now easily do what i could do before, the wound doesnt really get packed now just "covered". Life is good.

Pray for me over the next few yrs, im going to see the hair removal people as sooooon as im clear!!


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DAY 67

prettty much home. 99% of the way closed i have 0 pain in that area at all whatsoever. I can sit, stand and walk. I take full showers with 0 issue. There is minimal scarring as the tissue has granulated in nicely.

I return to work, full duties on april 11, however for the average person it could have been done quicker. Now i pray for no recurrence, ever.

For those of you who are scared of wode excision in canada, or who think its a bit scary, it is. However, waiting years to solve the problem instead of dealing with it immediately to me would have been even scarier.

Not knowing if they unroofed all tunnels etc. Mine is straight foreward remove cyst, abscess AND sinus in one block. No incision drainage ever, just straight to operation. I have god to thank, and my wonderful surgeon. Now to get on with my life and in 12 months post in im healed annnnd outta here! Feel free to ask any questions!