The thing about swimming is I'm worried about the water giving me an infection, even though I'm healed.. paranoid I guess. I'm looking forward to getting back to the gym but don't want to rush it
I was told to avoid squats/lunges but other than that I had free reign at the gym. Running, elliptical, weights are ok. I would be scared to do too heavy of weights(although I lift my daughter constantly who is 30lbs). I'm 4 weeks post op now, and given no weight restrictions etc. I'm scared to swim too, I feel like I'll wait 6 months to feel like it's really closed. I'm glad your wound closed!
CO, yeah I just feel I'd rather it was super strong skin down there before swimming and my understanding is time makes scars stronger. I think I will settle with running and weights for now. I have a feeling I'm always gona be too scared of doing squats!