First Time Open Excision- Any Tips Appreciated

Hi all,
20 y/o female here.

Just a little information on my journey:

April of 2015- 5 pits were found and sinus tract was removed and closed with stitches. Healing went smoothly with only one stitch popped and minor bleeding but otherwise I was good to go after about 3 weeks and I was en route to vacation in Atlantic City (3 hr car ride).

June of 2017- Bleeding started to occur in the butt crack region, where my scar was. I thought it was just some irritation of the skin due to the heat and applied bacitracin and cleaned it multiple times a day. The bleeding stopped and all was well for two weeks until it started bleeding again. That's when I took matters into my own hand and made an appointment with a colorectal surgeon for July 26th where she informed me there was one pit and it was infected. We scheduled surgery for August 10th.

I am now 24 hrs post op and I'm feeling decent. I'm sore but pain isn't horrible. I'm taking ketorolac every 6 hrs along with Vicodin as needed. I can walk (slowly) and get things if I really need it. I had my first packing change this morning after I sat in a warm bath for 10 mins and my mom said the incision doesn't look horribly big, on a scale of 1-10 she would rate it a 5. The packing didn't hurt much, just tickled and was a bit sore.

I've been taking my normal vitamins which include Zinc, Vitamin D, Probiotic and Vitamin B12. My mother is going to buy some Vitamin C as well today. As well as that I've been drinking green tea as well as echinacea tea. Hopefully this combined with healthy eating (I had overnight oats and cherries this morning) will keep my immune system strong. My boss is allowing me to start working from home on Monday for a few weeks so I can rest and take it easy as I have an office job which involves sitting for 7 hours a day so hopefully that helps as well. I'm also taking my classes online this semester so I can do my work from bed.

Anyone have any helpful tips I can follow? I have my boyfriends Mothers wedding in St. Lucia on November 15th and want to ensure I'm all closed up and ready to go by then.

Thank you in advance :)