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Hi everyone!

About a week ago I had some minor pain in what I assumed was my tailbone. I figured it would feel better on its own, so I took OTC naproxen, went to bed, and for most of the next day it was still mild. On the third day, I woke up in so much pain, and I kept taking the naproxen, but at some points all I could do was lie there in pain--I actually considered going to the ER, but then the pain started feeling a bit better (I could read/think without constant pain). The fourth day I sucked it up and went to a walk in clinic, where the doctor prescribed me stronger naproxen and said I didn't have a cyst (he apparently didn't examine me very well...)
The fifth day, despite the stronger medication, I was in SO much pain I ended up going to the ER. (I'm sure you all know the pain, but for me I had torn a muscle previously and it was about on par with that for pain--and I had to sit in the ER waiting room for about 2-2.5 hours because so many people were there, and sitting in one position for more than a few minutes hurt, plus I couldn't sit fully on my butt or lean back at all).

I finally got a bed and the doctor had the nurse give me an injection of tramadol (I used to take a pill form for migraines) and the relief when it started working was incredible. After it had kicked in, the doctor came back to do the examination (the painkiller was so I wouldn't be sobbing during the exam), and after about 30 seconds he points out that it's a cyst (when I told him the walk in doctor said I didn't have a cyst the look on his face was priceless). They also said it looked like I had another very small one that drained on its own, and when the doctor pressed on that one/what was left of it I didn't feel any pain at all, but I also didn't notice it drain at all, and I didn't even know I had it?
A little bit after that the head surgeon in the ER as well as the senior resident surgeon came to have a look, where they told me they need to drain it. Originally they mentioned general anesthesia or local, but they went with local--I assume the size and possibly a lack of anesthesiologists available? The surgery resident performed the procedure (I believe it was an incision and drainage, the doctor said she was going to be using a scalpel to open it and let it drain, and I could feel her pushing all the gunk out during the procedure). I think the worst part was the local anesthetic/freezing, I actually shrieked briefly, but it went away when the area was numb at least, and luckily the anesthetic seemed to hold, because I didn't feel the scalpel at all. I did definitely feel pain when she was pressing to drain it, but I think that was just due to how much pressure she was using/going deeper than where the anesthetic was?

After the procedure she packed the wound with gauze (it's an open wound--she didn't stitch it or anything), she told me to remove the packing the next day, take sitz baths 2-3 times/day, and to rinse after a bowel movement. I double checked if I needed to repack it, however she told me not to.

I'm on day 3 since the incision and drainage now, and I assume everything is healing fine? From everything I've read online and everything the doctor has told me, I believe I'm healing perfectly, however I'm also terrified that it isn't going to heal at all. I have had small amounts of blood, however the first two days it seemed to be just a bit of pink, occasionally some dots of red, whereas now it's lots of red (I've been using a panty liner to soak up the drainage and the past two days there wouldn't be much blood, today I feel like there's a lot more--not a steady flow, but a fair amount so I'm a bit worried. When I rinsed in the shower this morning however there was no blood there), and there's also been a clearish liquid with a yellow-y tint (but it's not bright yellow).
The doctor didn't tell me the size of the cyst and I haven't been able to get a good look in the mirror or a good photo, but from the bad photo I got it looks pretty small (maybe a bit bigger than one of my fingernails? Roughly 1cm in diameter, not sure how deep it goes/went).

I guess I'm just worried if this is all normal! I see a lot of people posting their stories and I know when it's really bad that's usually when people post here, so I'm trying to keep telling myself that. I was also wondering if anyone knows more about the process of healing for open wound small incision/drainage procedures? I looked through the photos forum and saw lots for closed and/or larger pcs, but nothing that seemed very similar to what happened with me. I'm able to sit if I'm leaning forward a bit (I can't lean back or lie on my back because that puts too much pressure), and my hips are starting to hurt a lot from having to lie on my side when sitting/sleeping most of the time--when can I start lying down without it being too sore again?

If any other background info helps: I'm a 21 y/o woman, I'm a student but also a barista (I would say I have a roughly average sitting/standing ratio), I'm about 10lbs overweight but not extremely, I'm not a very hairy person, and I've never had this problem before--the pain from the cyst started only a week ago (and I also don't know how some people who have the problem for months manage it without seeing a doctor, mine was so bad I couldn't do anything so I went to the doctor after a few days)!


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I had one like you've described and so far no reoccurrence. My son was not so lucky. Where I caught it early, his was deep and very, very painful. He's been thru hell. He just had cleft lift and is better than ever. IF surgery is suggested please get a surgeon that specializes in pilonidial disease, it will save so much time, money, pain and just living a normal life.