first timer- just some questions and concerns


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well, about two days ago i had my own cyst drained in the ER and packed with shoelike string material- forgot what it was called hAH

but yeah that happened, it all went fairly well compared to some things ive read :'D and i got my antibiotic pills and pain medication. as expected, i needed to get a follow up with a specialist and whatnot to see if the wound was getting better and other things that im not too entirely sure about but for whatever reason they could not see me till monday (which was a problem) so i had to get checked by my regular doctor today who just kind of. pulled out what was packed in, cleaned the area and didnt repack it. she said she didnt believe it needed to be repacked, but she looked hesitant and i sure as heck do not trust her at all. but im not the expert here i guess so /shrugs
just wanna know- should i be overly concerned? im, not exactly sure how deep it is but apparently the incision is not nigger than the smallest fingernail on my hand (and my hands are pretty dang tiny, jsyk). the wound itself doesnt really hurt, just feels uncomfortable, itches a bit and of course drains itself and stuff. but now that its not being kept open by packing and will probably close until i get checked by an actual specialist in a few days or more depending on when i get the appointment- is there anything i should look after or be careful about? extra tips? anything, pretty much.

for some added info im 16 and yeah, this is my first experience with this which is sure as heck Not Fun™. i do spend a lot of time sitting down admittedly- when its not at school slaving over a desk its at home slaving over digital art comissions on my laptop, and if its neither of those its over videogames pfft. but yeah- any and all help is appreciated :'D im just hella nervous about this all really, so sorry if anything comes off as silly

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You should be just fine without the packing, and if it is comfortable it is probably healing nicely. As you will read in this forum, there are lots of ways to deal with this: everything from just "wait and see" to surgery.

There are several surgical options. My preference, and many of the posters here agree, that the "cleft-lift" is the best surgical option. The others have a high failure rate. So, if you see a surgeon, you should look for one who can do this operation.

Dr Immerman