First Timer - Seeking Advice and Opinions


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Hey All - I’m a 26 year old male who has had two pits for the better part of 10 years. It wasn’t until recently ( I was too embarrassed to tell/ask anyone) that I figured out what the two holes were.

Saw a colorectal surgeon and he basically said my pits are so big they drain on they own (one is the size of a Bic pen head, the other is probably the size of the end of my little finger - they are stacked on top of each other), they self heal in a way and i could live with the pits or get surgery (he only does the open kind). That was 9 months ago.

I’ve only had one or two bad flair ups in the past 10 years but I’ll occasional have the red/white/pink liquid drain out. Sometimes small amounts of blood if I press hard on the pits. It’s important to note I have no pain on either pit.

Any thoughts from people who have just lived with open “pits”? I’m not above, or frightened by, surgery (I’ve had a myriad of surgeries for sports related stuff) but I’m not sure that I’m the right candidate for surgery. Thoughts?


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The complications that come along with surgery are worth considering vs. what your dealing with now. I had a closed excision and it has failed and has left me with a constant draining hole which is common with a closed excision because of the tension of a mid line incision. An open excision leaves you with having to have daily dressing changes and almost 6months recovery. A cleft lift procedure seems to have the most success but from my understanding leaves your backside looking much different than when you went in. I hope this helps I suppose it's what you can handle/live with that would be the best answer.


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Hi, usually you want to go with what your doctor says, but I would say it coulnd't hurt to get a second a opinion. The pit could get infected and then your in for some more trouble. Also check out the ebook "Me and My Pilonidals" on Amazon. Its an easy read that gives a lot of the research and personal stories. It might help clarify alot of things for you.