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Does anyone have any followup from Dr Shapiro my son has an appointment in two weeks with him and was just wondering as I am making decisions thanks


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Hi scubaGG, I was wondering if you were happy with your surgery with Dr shapiro, I have an appointment for my son with him and wanting to ask to see if anyone else has used him. thanks


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I found a surgeon who is both aware of and practiced with Bascom techniques, and is an all around great man, and great surgeon. From Monday's consultation, and Friday's surgery, he was extremely intelligent and willing to work with me. He was overly pleased that I came to our consultation fully prepared and knowledgeable. I would recommend him 100x over to anyone near the area, and would greatly appreciate him being added to the list this site has for practicing doctors who know the Cleft Lift and Pit Picking procedures and are utilizing them.

Dr. Earl McAllister, MD
General Surgeon - Tampa, Florida
13801 Bruce B Downs Blvd
Tampa, FL 33613
(813) 977-2200
I was so disappointed after making an appointment with Dr. mcAllister he looked at the cyst for literally a second said it looked like I would need the cleft procedure. This was a cyst that was recently infected, so obviously looked a little rough, but I was told by others that I could definitely try pit picking and as a less invasive surgery it is the way to approach this, why go for a big surgery right away? Anyway, I went there with lots of hope he would perform pit picking procedure but he let me down. I have a great surgeon in OH guess I'll be getting it done there


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My daughter used a doctor at Baycare. He is a pediatric surgeon, and works out of two offices. The one we went to was the new hospital on big bend rd. He did the pit picking procedure and recently led a conference regarding pilonidal disease. Dr Gary Geissler baycare medical group


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For my first post :
I would like to recommend Dr. M at Palm Harbor Pediatrics Urgent Care 36458 U.S. 19, Palm Harbor, FL 34683 (727) 787-5439

Dr. Maramara is an incredible doctor and person. I actually had a pilonidal cyst treated, drained and healed here back in 2007 in peak of my senior year of High School. I'm 22 now and I cannot express my gratitude for having him as my care taker. He made me feel comfortable with the whole process, I was in excruciating pain when I met him! :( He made arrangements to come in early, on a Saturday! to treat and drain my cyst. I will never forget him. I'll always recommend him.:cheer:
What kind of procedure did you have?


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Hi, i need to find a doctor for my daughter, she is 11. I live in south Florida, anyone can recommend a doctor for pit picking procedure?


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Hi all.

I had quite a complex surgery with Dr Uecker on the 28th of October. Less than one month ago, and I am almost healed up.
This was my 3rd surgery for the same thing (from different surgeons) - and it seems like Dr Uecker and his team have done it correctly.
My previous surgery was with both Dr Grossman (father and son) in Aventura - and their follow up was very weak when it came to actually checking that the job was done. When I said I was in pain and I believed it was re-infected they just told me it would get better. Virtually just looking at the scar and telling me it was great, not even acknowledging what was going on deep underneath. (Pain/swelling/tenderness/burning/etc was not acknowledged)
Eventually I cancelled my follow ups because they really didnt care about what I was saying, and I went to Dr Uecker who is a plastic surgeon. When they (Dr Grossmans) had told me I was fine, the next day Dr Uecker told me I would be in surgery next week - ASAP. Two different worlds.

The main reason I have faith in him, and even if it re-occurs, is the relationship, understanding and explanation given to my individual situation. He knows that these things are tough and admits that they can reoccur, but so far I am 95% healed.
He, and the nurses, are happy to explain whats going on back there, get technical, and give honesty (instead of just a pat on the back and saying "you'll be fine.")

The surgery itself took out a lot from my middle section in a vertical direction and from that long incision they tracked the cyst all the way across my right cheek. He inserted a drain into the right of my cheek which really alleviated the swelling and that stayed in for 5 days - although uncomfortable it was very effective. The surgery was done at Memorial Hospital in Hollywood, FL. The original pit that the two previous surgeons didn't close up successfully seems to be gone too.

I have had liquid build up twice since then which he has drained via a syringe - usually this seemed to build up after too much activity or driving. But after syringing about 25mls of blood, the swelling goes down.

I hope this gives some insight to what I went through and what kind of character Dr Uecker is. Like I said, even if it comes back I would go see him again.
HI can you please tell me what kind of surgery did you do.

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I know Raleigh, NC might be a little far for you but I highly recommend Dr George Wadie in Raleigh, NC
He does a lot of cleft lift surgeries and took care of my 2 sons with excellent results after several failed surgeries. I know he has several patients from Florida. He trained with Dr Bascom who invented the cleft lift.
You want the best surgeon doing the best procedure for this condition. It is worthwhile traveling to find the right surgeon. I skimped with my 2 sons and chose local surgeons and the results were soo painful. They are 2 years out after surgery with Dr Wadie with no issues.
You can call Dr Wadie's office and send pictures to ask his opinion. Attached is a link to the website.


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How did you do with him?
I did not actually use him, my sister is an anesthesiologist who has worked with him. At the time my son had his cleft lift done, he was not on the list. But my sister said he’s good, and I wanted to post to the board so hopefully someone else wouldn’t have to drive all the way to Ft. Lauderdale to get the surgery. I did use Dr. Subhash Puranik in Plantation (I think? Near Ft Lauderdale) and he was absolutely amazing! Did a great job, very sympathetic and knows his stuff! But a long way to go for all the necessary appointments, both before and after. Worth it to us, though, since son has had no problems since, and it’s been about 5 years, I think.