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I am a 25 yr old female from Cape Town, South Africa and have been suffering from PC's for four years. After going for numerous lancings, and being confused (together with various doctors) at the constant relapses I have put a name to it just yesterday. Let me also add that it sure is a relief knowing that there are others out there.
It seems there is not much info available on this side, please if anyone knows whom and where to direct me to (in my country of course) it would save me lots of trouble (pain too). I am currently dealing with my 6th and very painful cyst at the moment. I know for sure that with my next visit to the doctor, I go as an educated patient. Who knows how long I would have been sucking on anti-biotics???

Thank you for this very informative website.


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I'm 50 yrs old and from Worcester, SA. I just recently "survived" a PC. I followed the antibiotics route too, but luckily my GP were clued up and released me of the thing via closed surgery. This website was of great help. I even took articles from here to my GP - just in case.

With surgery one must perhaps look towards a "PC-educated" surgeon - my GP did mine (did a good job) but I walked out of hospital with a badly bruised mouth after surgery... !


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Hi jaques

Im also from South Africa. My wifes lung cancer story is not as happy as yours as it took only 3 months from detection to her passing away. Today its 10 months.
You will find the most wonderful people here who are helpfull friendly and knowlegible.