Gips Procedure in Canada

Hello Everyone!

I am a Canadian sufferer of Pilonidal disease. I have noticed the lack of help and information for Canadians who are seeking information on treatment of this horrible disease. I am a 24 year old female who was shocked to find out I had Pilonidal disease. My first occurrance of a Pilonidal abscess occurred last August of 2015. I had extreme pain and noticed the abscess forming after a few days. I had no idea what it was. After being unable to walk or sit from pain, my parents took me into the ER and I had the abscess lanced and drained. I thought I would be fine, after what I would call, one of the most painful experiences of my life. Unfortunately the abscess returned this past August 2016. I again went to the ER. The abscess was not ready to be lanced. I was given antibiotic to encourage it to come to a head, which it did after 2 days. I again was lanced and drained. Both occasions I had packing done daily for 3 weeks until the hole closed. Each time the hole was 5mm deep and 5mm wide - I was told stuffing 10cm of packing into the hole was challenging.

Fortunately my boyfriend's sister is a physician and gave me a list of colorectal surgeons in London, ON, CAN that perform surgery for Pilonidal disease. I spoke with 3 separate colorectal surgeons who recommended a general surgeon by the name of Dr. Chris Vinden. I got a referral from my GP and an appointment to see Dr. Vinden yesterday, November 17th. Dr. Vinden specializes in colon procedures and has a long history of dealing with Pilonidals. I was beyond impressed with Dr. Vinden and his staff. He informed me that he is up to date on the latest forms of preventing further abscesses and recommended a procedure called Gips - a form of pit picking.

He offered to complete the procedure then and there as I am starting a job in the next few days. He promised I would be fine by Monday, November 21st. He froze the area and removed 5 pits with a round scalpel which took maybe 5 minutes. He cleaned out the holes and bandaged me up. The whole consultation and procedure took less than an hour. He told me that he has done this numerous times and has yet to have anyone have a recurrent Pilonidal afterward, but he did mention having to redo the holes if he had missed any pits during the process. The procedure was virtually painless other than the freezing which is expected to be uncomfortable. The instruction I have for aftercare is to clean the area 2-3 times daily with soap and water and to keep a bandage on at all times until I see him for a follow-up on December 22nd.

I would highly recommend this procedure and this surgeon to anyone in Ontario who is suffering. I am sitting on my couch currently, in minimal pain - mostly tenderness from the skin removal. I went for a long walk today with my dog to avoid sitting too much and have changed my bandage once. I will do so again later. I am hoping this puts an end to the suffering.

If anyone would like more info on Dr. Viden please contact me. He is found through a quick Google search as well.

Good luck to you all!
Hi Jocelyn

I got hit with my first painful bout last summer and was really and truly distressed that I could literally only find people doing open excisions in Ontario -

I was wondering if you could update us on how you're recovering and if you'd recommend the procedure? If so I will ask my gp for a recommendation as soon as possible

I apologize for the late response, I had forgotten to check this post.

I've had wonderful success with the Gips procedure. I've been working as a social worker for 8 months now and sit constantly as a part of my job. I notice some tailbone pain here and there if I don't use a coccyx cushion at my desk, but I have not had any flare ups or Pilonidal issues since the Gips procedure. I have a small area of scaring from the procedure and lancings I've had done, but otherwise you'd never know.

I had a follow up with Dr. Vinden in January and he said everything looked wonderful and to return if I had a flare up.