Going for open wound surgery. Have any advice?


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Hi all, my name is Jessica, 29 years old from NY. I first had it when i was about 19. Went to ER, had it drained. Then last year it CAME BACK! Since then i have had it drained by my general surgeon about 12 times. So i finally had enough and scheduled the surgery. Ill be going in Nov 7, which is a week from today. I took 3 weeks off from work. Hoping that is enough time. I live alone and i am alil concerned about what i will be dealing with after getting home from hospital. Have any advice ? Thanks


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Hi Jessica, hope your surgery goes well. Everyone will be different in the healing process. The open surgery has a good chance of success. For my son's open procedure, he was up in a week and ready to go back to work within two weeks although he still had to deal with the packing and dressing of the wound. A lot less pain than the first closed surgery that he had. Unfortunately the doctor wants to do a third surgery as the healing process has stalled after 6 months. I truly believe early onset of infection was the problem in both surgeries.

You say you live alone, do you have someone who can change your wound packing material? I've learned a few lessons after taking care of him and wish I could change the treatment a bit. In my opinion, it is very important for the dressing to be changed daily or even twice a day. Infection is your concern, if you get one it will delay the healing process if not halt it. Your doctor will test for infection, but it takes several days to grow the culture and get results. That is several days you will not be receiving antibiotics to help fight it. So to me, very important that it be kept clean and dry with fresh packing material. Sweat is your enemy back there! Someone on this forum recommended a hand held shower fixture and a blow dryer on a light no heat setting. Also important to avoid pressure on it, so sleep on your stomach and wear loose fitting cloths.

If your surgeon seems to lack follow-up after your surgery, you will need to advocate for yourself and your health. If you think there is a problem, insist on being heard. The finger cross wait and see method does not seem to work. There should be a reaction to constant drainage and continued pain.

Finally, don't worry. We've talk to folks who have had success so it is best to have a positive outlook. You'll do fine! Keep us informed on how it goes.