Gone for the 3rd time but this time it's different


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Long post, start at the last paragraph everything else is usual story with those cyst, I tried a supplement and now it's gone

I have a cyst since many year, first appeared when I was around 24 year old and it became pretty big as it wasn't opened, the local clinic doctor prescribed me Fucidin antibiotic ointment since it was fairly big and it finally healed and closed itself and was gone for about 15 year

At around 48 it did about the same but this time I started getting fever, went to ER, they did blood, MRI scan and told me the would do surgery and in the mean time they put me on intravenous antibiotic, my old friend busted after a few hour then the doctor told me I am not doing surgery since it's may get worst, he prescribed me some very strong antibiotic and the cyst was gone, he also told me to take seat bath with 1tsp of bleach to help it close or open if it ever came back (not reassuring!)

Now after almost 5 year it was back last spring, went to ER for what was looking like a recurrence of the fever etc but it was some thing else, the doctor tool a look at the cyst and since it was opened and draining say it was fine so went back home, but a friend sent me a supplement name he had found on the web (he's older than me and sinply looking for stuff that help stay healthy), I read on the web about that supplement which is actually in the same family as vitamin A and found some people where saying it was helping with stomach ulcer, I researched the dosage and ordered a bottle of Astaxanthin pill at 20mg (it's about 5 time the regular 4mg a lot of brand sell)

This was not ordered to cure me, I was simply curious to see if it was any good, but after my 1st pill, yes the first something strange hapened, my cyst reduced size dramatically, it also started draining much faster, the supplement itself seem to be having a similar effect as B-12 on me, so I kept taking one 20mg a day

In about 3 day the cyst reduced a lot to the point it closed, usually it was an issue as blood would simply start filling the space and needed to go out, but this time it wasn't taking size as quickly as usual, I started taking seat bath, it finally re-opened and was draining but I knew something was happening, there was almost no blod and the usual sebum was very clear so I ordered 5mg type to keep the dosage constant.

I is now 2 week I am taking Astaxanthin 3 time a day, 5mg pill and 20mg, the cyst is now 99% gone, it seem to have melted away everything inside the space and it's now healing, it's not fully healed yet but in another week it will probably be!

Your mileage may vary but I decided to post since I am a long time lurker