Healed after 4 years


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Hello everyone, I wanted to share my story as it seems like it took awhile for my cyst to finally heal up completely. Here's hoping I don't have a relapse, but at the moment I am completely healed up and it feels WEIRD! I'm 29 years old and male.

Here's my story.

So I discovered I had a Pilonidal Cyst after it went abscess and started seeping a foul smelling liquid. I had no idea what was wrong with me, I thought it was coming from my anus until I looked in a mirror and discovered I had a hole above my anus. I was horrified! I Googled what it could be and discovered what a Pilonidal cyst is. It brought some relief, but I still scheduled a visit with my GP to figure out what it is exactly and what I should do. After a quick look he diagnosed it as a Pilonidal Cyst and scheduled me an appointment to visit with a surgeon.

Shortly after I had my first surgery in August 2014. The surgery went well. There weren't any complications, however they decided to simply try closing it up. I'm not 100% if they used some special technique for mine, but they sewed me up completely and that did not go well for me. It ended up opening up after a BM in one spot, and the very top opened up as well. I now had two small holes that required packing to attempt to get those to heal up. This ultimately failed and I had a second surgery in December 2014.

My second surgery went fine as well, no major complications and this time they decided to leave it open and pack it as necessary. I ended up getting withdrawals from the pain meds (that I took as directed) and that was pretty awful few days as my body adjusted to not having them. And so begun my endless journey of having an open wound in the most inconvenient spot ever.

During 2015 I met with the surgeon once a month for a few months. They tried using these sticks (I forget the name) to burn the crap out of the area and to help promote healing. It was an awful experience, but worth it since I thought it would help. I don't think it did much so I stopped going, as directed by the surgeon. He said if anything changes I should come back. He had another surgeon check me out one of the times I was there to see if a wound vac would be possible. However my wound location was too close to my anus and it wouldn't work.

From the middle of 2015 to now, not much happened or changed of my wound. I didn't really try any healing techniques to get it to heal quicker. I only packed the wound either once a day or twice a day depending on if it needed it. One of the things I think that caused my wound to not heal up quickly is due to being so close to my anus and the fact if I had a bigger BM it would cause bleeding from the wound. Sometimes A LOT. Initially I was alarmed, but it would stop bleeding quickly, and the gauze I used for daily packing was enough to stop the bleeding and general drainage. I'd say at least half of my BM would cause some bleeding. It was super frustrating but became a normal part of my life. I accepted it.

However, two weeks ago or so, I noticed the gauze I used for packing was falling out. I simply would use a 2x2 gauze pad and put it directly on top of the wound. But it wasn't staying in and there was no drainage on it. I thought that was weird. The next day the same thing. Hmm, alright. Finally the third day it was the same thing and I decided to try wiping to see if there was any drainage. Nothing! I finally decided to look in a mirror and sure enough, no opening any more. I decided to give it some time and make sure it wasn't just a fluke. But here I am, a couple weeks later, normal BM's, no bleeding, no drainage. I believe I'm finally healed!

There's only two things that I did differently in August from my normal routine. I'm recently married and we had our honeymoon across the state. We stayed in a motel and I went in a pool and hot tub for the first time in several years. I can't swim (crazy, right?), but I decided to go since it's been so long since I've been in a hot tub or pool. I was a bit apprehensive because of my wound, I thought this can't be good for it, and what if I get some weird infection or something?! I was fine. Maybe it helped?

The second thing was I changed from my normal shampoo and body wash to a different brand that is probably better for my skin. I used to use Head & Shoulders (since I was a teenager fighting dandruff) daily, and Dove Men's Body Wash. I switched to what my best friend's wife was using, OGX body wash and shampoo. The stuff smells really nice and might be healthier, I'm not sure. But I like the change.

Now, I have no idea if any of those factors contributed to me finally healing, take that with a grain of salt, perhaps it was just time that caused it to finally heal. I read that it can take up to three years for these things to heal. I was a bit disappointed when I passed three years a year ago. I just felt like I'll be dealing with this for a decade, maybe longer. But lo and behold I'm healed, four years later.

If anyone has any questions or similar experiences feel free to share! I'll be sticking around to read comments and such, thanks for your time, and for anyone still dealing with their cyst/wound, I wish you the best and hope you heal a lot quicker then I did!