Healing Frustration

I've seen the doctor for the third time today and he says that my wound is healing and it is smaller but it's not healing fast enough to my liking. The doctor says that my wound is now the size of a quarter. It used to be much bigger according to him. This is frustrating because it's been three months since I first saw the doctor and all he wants me to do is keep the wound dry. This is something that has been bothering me off and on over the years and I wish it was over.
Hey I would suggest going to a wound care center and hoping for the best since nurses are more experienced than doctors with post surgery treatment. They'll try out different dressings, give you better advice, offer proper supplies to change it at home and monitor it carefully. Am in the same boat, my wound hasn't closed a year after surgery although it's small. Really bugging me since I'm doing all I can, I guess it's something that takes a stupid long time to heal.
Things have changed a bit since I originally posted this message. I went to see the doctor again at the end of May and the wound was now the size of a penny. He didn't think I should really go back for anymore follow ups unless something changed. I just need to keep changing the gauze, use a hairdryer on the wound, and keep it shaved.