Healing: going through my post surgery process


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Hi, So this is my first time posting on this site.

I am a 19-year-old girl who started having this problem a year ago, at first I thought it was just some hygienic problem I could deal with but soon it started bleeding when I used tissues too often at the tailbone and was even painful on weight lifting days.

After a lot of research, I found out I was going through the pilonidal sinus. And therefore visited GP, I ended up getting a close wound surgery with 8 stitches. My district nurse tells me it's quite long but not so deep cut. Though the sinus was hardly 1 cm long and at time of surgery, it was not infected anymore.

So, *excuse me please* That jerk doctor who has tore my butt into half as if I was some fish ready to be baked. And then the daughter of a bitch nurse who LITERALLY JUST covered my stitches with a simple bandage that caused me infection in stitches and those assholes at surgery changed my bandage that was filled with infection after A WHOLE WEEK!! And lastly (up til now) those 2 Bloody bitches who took my stitches out delaying the day limit given by hospital cause my bleeding. *sorry for my language*

So, right now, my wound is bleeding and I am getting it packed every day with that something ribbon packaging and aquacel by forcing them that it makes me feel comfortable.
My infection disappeared after a week of strong antibiotics dose but now that I finished the course day before yesterday my mom thinks it's getting infected again though nurse, that bitch, says wound is just bleeding and no other signs.

They keep telling me that my wound will heal within few weeks and some bitches say months because that asshole took out a huge part of my precious body.

I was wondering if anyone has been through something similar like infection after surgery and stuff and what happened? how long did your healing process take? And with your experience what do you think about my process?

Thank you for reading and cooperating with my language.