Healing Problems - Help Please


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Dear All,

I am three months post op with a primary closure surgery with a flap,I have healed fairly well.There is no puss from the site of the cyst.There is some new skin forming as well.My only concern is that near the stitches close to my anal area,the healing is slow.There is still some bleeding while going to number two.While the amount of blood has become less,the doctor told me that there is nothing to worry and if it doesnt heal in some more time he will burn the area a little bit.

Am I worried for nothing?


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I have a lot of worries concerning heal time, too, so I feel your pain. >.<

Maybe give it some more time, like your doctor suggests. Then if it doesn't get any better give him a call. In the meantime maybe stool softeners would be helpful so you don't put more strain on the opened scar.

Best of luck!