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Names Danny. 25 years old. From Ireland.
Want to share my story and progress so far. This can be a scary, uncertain time for someone... especially when 'surgical removal' gets bandied around!
It's not a big deal.
You will survive. And thrive. If you want to.
Firstly, my story. I felt the infamous swelling and bump and numerous visits to the nurse and doctor until I decided to get this thing removed....
I technically have a perianal wound.. but it's something similar to pilonidal with the abcess being removed and packed everyday until it's fully healed!
So I can share my experience with that.
I had a seton stitch put in place.
That was tricky. Won't apply to the pilonidal crew.
I eat largely a vegan high fiber diet and passing a bowel was tricky... sometimes I thought 'oh god' is this thing gonna blow?!?!
And it did.
But after a month. Back in for examination under anesthetic... no need to get one in again... phew

So at the minute my main focus is healing this wound. Which was luckily not the deep... probably 1.5 cm deep by the same measurement for the width....
Ive been salt water bathing before I get then dressing changed... the dressings can sting at the start... they get easier after the first few days... just ask the nurse to be slow and gentle!
I do leak some exudate... it's slightly greenish... sometimes I think oh no is this pus?!?! But apparently it's natural... your body is expelling stuff from the wound. It's healing. If it wasn't infected you would now.

My wound has almost come affable level about 5weeks post op...however... one side of the wound is healing quicker whichever has created somewhat of a cavity tunnel... that's ok. The nurse is packing that side so it won't close over and leave a gap under the skin... not what you want!

Tips for a healthy and speedy recovery. Things I've learnt.

1. This is as great a site... but It would also give you negative thoughts... people are coming on to ask and tell stories of how their in pain and not healing etc that's understandable! But people who are healed have no real care for coming on and telling their story. They're healed. There getting outta here!

2. Sleep. Your body ain't recovering when you're awake and watching game if thrones at 2am. Go to bed.

3. Diet. Your body will find it hard to heal in an unhealthy body. That's a fact. Give it the tools. The water. The nutrients... people talk about the supplements. Great. But what about the real food? Eat your veggies. Lay off the meat. Soak up the sun.

3. Keep the area clean. Salt water. That sounds all you need baby.

4. Stay positive.. it's been a testing few months for me. But have perspective. Your alive.
You can sit and cry all day. It won't help you heal any quicker. Go for a walk. Breathe. Let you body do its thing. It's out of your control now. So leave it be.


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Every case is different. Every doctor is different. Mine encourages me to eat meat to heal. Protein is good while trying to heal. Some of us literally can’t walk. While it’s great you’re optimistic and healing, some are not. I think it’s perfectly normal and ok for people to come on here to vent. You have to remember everyone is different and does things at their own pace. I do appreciate your positivity though and wish you the best in your recovery.