help please

Okay I'm 20 and I'm in college on spring break. About a week and half ago I returned to my apartment hammered and drunk, and all the sudden I had a lot of pain coming from my butt. (i had had some pain there for the past two days but didn't really think much of it) Anyway I believe that I had popped a small Pilonidal cyst, because there was a small amount of blood and a little puss. I thought it was just a zit at the time. IT was painful but since i was so drunk I don't think it mattered much. I think I drained it all on my own. Since then the only symptoms I've had is the small little hole in my lower back which seems normal, and no pain a little discomfort and it doesn't seem to be infected or anything. I've also had some minor backpain but that might be unrelated.. So heres my question. Should I go to a doctor or is it possible mine was pretty small and is going away. I don't really have time or money to see a doctor for a couple months, so as long as its not painful or bleeding anymore ( it hasn't bled since the day) Then do I really need to get it checked out. I've read that some of these things will go away on its own if your lucky, and its not really bothering much only if I'm sitting for a long time, its more just bugging me out cuz i have a very small hole in my butt haha. Pretty embarrassing but not very painful... What do yall think?/ thanks for the help I'm trying to learn as much as I can about this because it seems like once u have it once it tends to come back, and will my hole heal or stay forever?