HELP!! Should I take the wick out?


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Hi everyone! I got my cyst lanced on Saturday. This is my second cyst. The first time I had my cyst lanced, it was lightly packed with gauze. This time, they put a strip in it to act as a "wick" to drain the fluid. I've gotten it changed twice now but i don't want to have to keep going to the doctors to get it packed with the strip. What's on my strip looks like blood mixed with some clear liquid. Could I take the wick out and just pack it like the first time? If not, how much longer do I keep it in? Help!


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I won’t do it yourself I’ve experienced the packing myself the aim is to make it heal from the inside out so you don’t end up with the skin on top healing first and leaving a pocket which is not good. It’s important to make sure it’s being packed properly and most definitely in the early stages of healing. Also the nurse will monitor what’s on the packing and can catch an infection early . Unfortunately open wound healing isn’t a quick recovery and can sometimes take months to properly heal. My longest was 12 weeks it was pretty deep . I would ask the nurse what they think about it first