How long after Cleft lift surgery were you able to exercise?


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Late to the party, but I returned to PT approximately 3 weeks after the karydakis procedure for a separate back injury. I then got one seemed like a seroma--no clue if the activity played into that. I took some time off, returned to stretching (most of the back injury stretches unfortunately pull right on the wound area) and it opened up again just slightly, resulting in another break. Basically, now, I've been told to just be aware--if it feels like over-pulling, stop or do stretches less deeply. Definitely no problem in current stage of returning to any lifts or cardio that avoids pulling


How's the recovery process going?
How did you surgery go? Sorry I haven't been nearly as active as I wanted to be! This is my 3rd week back to doing legs 2x/wk. I can do anything and everything I want, which is super awesome! I rarely feel any discomfort at all, but occasionally do. I have been able to deadlift, squat, hack squat, leg press and everything without any issues. I will say that it took about exactly until week 6 before I felt really comfortable. Tomorrow will be week 9 post op. Hope you are doing well!


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Day 9 so far and it's been going well! Slowly getting accustomed to sitting, sitting on a cushion for hour to two before needing to get up. Will slowly try using no cushion in the next coming days. I have done two workouts so far, strictly things I can do standing (pullups, dips, cable exercises). Might stick to that for a few more days and then around the 2 week mark, try doing more seated things. Overall, it's been going well. Very eager to get back doing any and all exercises


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Nice to see you were able to get back to the gym so soon. I just got the Rhomboid Flap yesterday. Dr. said I needed to wait at least 48 hrs to remove initial bandage. Day 2 I'm a little sore, but nothing major. I'm very much looking forward to get back in the gym. I plan on doing light upper body after 72 hrs and only use machines to ensure there's no tension on the stitches.