How many Scandinavians?

well i found out that i had this "wound" 3½ years ago. Waited ½ year before i visited the doctor. He told me what it is and said that it would need surgery.

Then i have had 6 surgeries. The first 5 had no effect so they decided to make a flap. However the wound has not healed completely, and you can follow my different ways to get this healing in the John threads.
Wow it's great to see people here already! As you can see in my location i'm from Finland. I would Finnishbutt want to hear your long story, please post it to "Suomeksi" topic so we could discuss it
Hi, I'm from Finland.. I recognized this disease 04/2005 and were in surgery 08/2005, then 12/2006 and the last time was yesterday. So three years now.. wound was always closed, but at the first time it opened immediately, so it was left open, but never healed completely. I managed to accomplish the army anyway, which was nice.. so that I were able to go on with my life.

Then second surgery, that gone well but the wound never healed completely, there were like 2mm hole for 6 months. Now they opened it and there was huge hole and it was cleaned and now just waiting if this would be the last time. No experience about cleft lift or any other different kind of method. Miserable disease :(
Swedish here! Feels like I'm the only one in my town who struggles with this, sounds awful but its kind of a relief knowing there are more people than just me suffering from this