I believe I have a pilonidal cyst


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I'm sure many people have said this, so sorry for that, if you've seen this before. Something 4 years ago(i am currently 20 yr old) I mentioned during a regular check at the doctor that a had a small boil like thing just at top of my butt crack. But he looked at it said to just keep it clean and watch if anything changes for now, soon after that I kind of forgot about it,

the symptoms that I have had, are that it might get just a little bigger and drain maybe once a year, and their is no pain during almost any of it, thus the reason I forget about it 90% of the time, it drains within 3 it's done. During it's draining time it hardly impacts what I do in life(whether it be physical or just sitting driving)

Long story short, just recently (last week or so) I saw something that caught my attention, so I decided to look into it. As of now(and past) it has had very little impact on my life. But if it is a pilonidal cyst, I am just worried about long term affects without getting a surgery, would something like a cleft lift be the way to go down the road? Amything helps, and am truly great ful for your time, thank you