I had surgery and it went fine


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I live in Denver, Colorado, and three weeks ago, I had surgery for my pilonidal mess at Rose Hospital, performed by Dr. Lisa Schatz. Overall, things went well, and a lot of my initial discomfort after surgery was from the anesthesia. I tried taking Percocet, but it made me throw up, so I had to get by with Aleve, Tylenol, and a THC/CBD 1:1 powder that I mixed into juice or tea. All of that together was enough to make the pain manageable.

Dr. Schatz performed a closed excision. At my follow-up appointment, she showed me the surgical and pathology reports. The cyst (which had abscessed), was about the size of a small walnut, which is, apparently, huge for a pilonidal. The cyst was very much up against my tailbone. The sinus was substantial, as well, and was also removed. The incision was just over four inches long, two inches wide, and more than an inch deep. The doctor made the incision off to the side of the mid-cleft line (not in the cleft itself) and it was closed with three layers of stitches topped off by surgical glue.

I'm healing well but a little slower than expected. The doctor was surpised that I had no dishcarge or bleeding at all after surgery. Two weeks after surgery, I was able to start taking warm baths with epsom salts, and those have been quite soothing. I still can't sleep on my back, and I can't exercise (except for short walks), bend, lift anything, or twist for another two weeks. Dr. Schatz said that based on my age, anatomy, and the surgery I had, it is highly unlikely I'll ever have to go through this again.

Although I have surgery-related pain, overall, I already feel a lot better. It's clear to me now that the nearly debilitating, burning sacrum pain I had suffered the last few years wasn't from arthritis, it was pilonidal disease.

One other thing: I didn't have a cleft lift, per se, but...my cleft is significantly lifted as a result of the procedure I had. It feels weird for it to be so shallow.

I wish I had known much sooner what my condition was. Perhaps I wouldn't have felt so miserable for so long. I'm looking forward to being completely healed and getting back to my life.