I hope it’s not another one....


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Hello, all! I’m relieved to actually find other people who have had or are having the same issues as me. I had surgery in 1995 (I think?) when I was 16 for a cyst that had ruptured. My case may be unusual because it caused me almost zero pain. The only way that I knew that something was up was because I had taken a charge during a basketball game a fell straight on my tailbone. I thought nothing of it but after the game in the locker room some of my teammates started to make fun of me because it had ruptured and there was blood and discharge on my white spandex (embarrassing to say the least). After coming home that night I did a little inspection “back there” and found what appeared to be a tiny little hole going inward. My mom took me to the ER and with 15 seconds of looking at it the doc told me it was pilonidal sinus cyst. The next step was to see the family doc who then refereed is to a surgeon. The surgery was done in his office under local anesthetic and the whole procedure took about 1/2 hour. He made a “Y” incision (probably 3”-4” long) and left it open to heal inside out. I had this done on a Friday afternoon and was back at school and basketball practice the following Monday. The worst part about the whole ordeal was having mom pack the wound every morning and night. Fast forward to now. I am 39 years old (it’s been 23 years since my first and only cyst) and the spot where my first one was had become a little tender and painful. It’s not a full on constant pain....it only hurts when I sit in certain positions like directly back on the back half of my butt. It feels like I’m sitting directly on my tailbone. I did get a new to me car about a month ago and the seats are pretty worn down it. I drive an hour one way to work and really didn’t notice any discomfort back there until I started driving it. I’m hoping that driving on the worn out seats hasn’t started or aggregated a new cyst. I really don’t want to go through the whole process again. Has only one had any tenderness or pain in the area of their scar that goes away on its own? It almost feels like to me that there is minimal skin and fat in that area and ANY kind of pressure will aggravate it. Ibuprofen will take almost all of the tenderness away but I don’t want to keep downing them if it isn’t going to stop it in the short term.


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Did you find out more? I had my last pilonidal cyst removed around 2003 when I was in my early 20s and that was maybe the third or fourth surgery. It has been fine since then but this morning I woke up with soreness in that same area but nothing has happened that I can think to have caused it. My first thought was it was another pilonidal cyst but it's been so long I thought I was done with it. There's no visible sign but it's really sore exactly where the cyst was before. I'm really hoping this isn't happening again.


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I had a recurrence that hurt like hell as soon as it came back. Other times I just noticed a slight bump with no pain. The only times I am sore and it has not returned is if I have been sitting with bad posture for too long. I try to stand all day or sit perfectly upright and see if the soreness goes. If it doesnt i see a doctor because it has probably returned.