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So I’m 21 yall, had my first cyst when I was around 17 and it affected me til I was about 19-20. I also had severe eczema which as y’all know is a “chronic” and needs medication to treat. So in 2018 I decided to eat plant based Whole Foods, no dairy, no meat (except whole organic chicken ), no gluten and no processed foods. After having to slather on creams with gloves on my eczema my skin cleared in about 6 months. SO DID MY CYST. Mine was the type to burst then drain, then hurt, then fill then again. Since I’ve changed my diet My cyst has been flat and sometimes if I’m really good on my diet I can’t feel it at all. But I’m a dancer so I’m on my tailbone a lot: no pain. Milk, eggs, meat are extremely inflammatory foods . Our bodies are reacting to what we put in them. This is a lifestyle change not a simple thing cause soon as you get back to what the government promotes I guarantee that cyst will come back. But I was tired . I know y’all are too. Email me if there’s anything else I can help with @hzoe29@yahoo.com I love yall


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These are awesome tips, thank you so much for sharing!! I need to start to work on my diet and food intake.

I’ve also found that eliminating sugar during flare ups helps a TON, so I need to get better about not getting back to the sugar when the flare up passes.

I also kick up my iron supplement intake and that helps a lot as well. But again, I need to get better about doing it routinely as opposed to just when I’m battling a flare up or feel one coming on. I will do better!!

Thanks again - awesome info