I was told Dr. Wadie has retired. Is there another doctor near North Carolina that does Cleft Lift Procedure?

Dog Lover 21

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Please help me I have been on google searching with no luck. My pilonidal cyst is now open and bleeding and puss comes out. It is very tender. At first I was going to leave it untreated but it seems like this thing is not getting any better, in fact it's getting more painful.

So my primary care physician sent me to a dermatologist who sent me to another dermatologist who sent me to a surgeon and I was not at all impressed with the surgeon and he did not give me any options. He basically just said he needed to cut out the cyst and he would leave it open. He spent less than 5 minutes with me and I just didn't get the feeling he cared.

I've seen pictures of the open wounds online and I imagine it is extremely painful. My fear is that the pain with the open wound will be more than I can handle and that the wound will take a really long time to heal. I enjoy working out and being physically active. Not to mention I cannot afford to be out of work very long, I need to make money.

From everything I have read on this forum it sounds like the cleft lift procedure is a much faster recovery and has less chance to result in the cyst coming back. I called Dr. Wadie's phone number listed online and the lady who answered said they he is no longer there. There referred to me the Wake Medical Surgery center but I can't get anyone to answer the phone. I was on hold for about an hour and then I got disconnected.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, I do not want to make a mistake here. Thank you all so much!

Nana Tadros

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Dr Wadie did not retire. He actually is starting a new practice more dedicated to patients with PC. His practice is starting in January but he is currently scheduling patients for January. He has a new website where you can check a lot of information and you can actually email jim to get an appointment in January. Www.pilonidalsurgery.org. Dr Wadie is amazing so I am sure he can help you with your son