Ireland Mailing List


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Post in answer to this thread if you live in Ireland. This is specifically so that other Ireland residents can help each other out with referrals and questions. By posting here, you are letting other Ireland residents know that you are open to discussing the problems that you all share. This list will grow over time as more people post. When you post, please put in the details: gender, age, which area you live in.

Thanks for helping others out!!


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I'm Alan. 25/M/Dublin & Kilkenny/student currently "sitting" my finals

(Just about to have my second op - originally had "primary closure" 3yrs ago in Tallaght, this time will have "secondary healing" in Wexford)


i had an op when i was 15 but it came back 8 years later,when it got so bad was put on a waiting list for another op was on antibiotics for about two years and was in the hospital geting it lanced twice then i had my op a year an 4 months ago they closed my wound and put stitches in but when i got them out the skin ripped because the wound was to deep so the nurse had to come everyday and dress it for 3 months or more. then just six months later it came back again and has been doing so at least once a month and im back on the antibiotics again.i also get one at my front when my back flares up am on the waiting list to see the surgeon but the way the hospitals is today it will probaly be canceled