Is it time for surgery? Sinus developed. Links to pics.


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So I had the holes for over 10 years. Not much pain, just moderate discomfort at times when they were inflamed. I had like 3 holes for a long time.

Recently I noticed more pain and much more discharge in my underwear and sure enough it looks like a sinus had developed. Also, the 3 holes seem to have consolidate to a single hole, and another has developed further up. Also the pics make it look more holes are gonna appear along that line.

I was able to convince a close friend to take some pics and it looks really bad. Looks like the whole area is swollen and infected. The skin is slightly off color. It also looks like another sinus is about to pop out on the opposite side.

Still, there really isnt much pain. But, to me at least, it looks really scary. It looks on the verge of just really getting out of control. Any advice is greatly appreciated.