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Hi, so i will cut it short. I had a surgery this year 22 august after diagnosing a teeny tiny early pilonidal stage hole. It's been 3 months now and my tissues tear apart every time they are about to heal.
1st time. It was 0.4 cm and broke down to 2 cm

2nd time. It was less than 1 cm and now broke to 2.5 cm

No infection this time it just is happening. My wound is deep not wide in width or lenght.

Can my seniors here suggest me where am i going wrong. Its so hard to get through and this is the only place i can get advice and support from. PLEASE HELP. WOULD REALLY APPRECIATE



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Hello Berrysuz,

I am facing similar issues, although mine have gone on for over a year. I have had 2 additional surgeries to fix the wound but they seem to be unsuccessful. Originally my physician told me to come back in 2 weeks if it the wound keeps opening up. This was when he suggested the additional surgeries. Hope this helps you.


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I’m sorry to hear your wound keeps reopening. I had a similar situation and had my wound open and close constantly for about a year. Is your wound right in your midline(on your butt crack)? Mine was, and it’s a poor spot to heal with low oxygenation and constant moisture and tension. I went to many wound centers and specialists, was prescribed an ointment that helped it heal quickly(but it would always just reopen). Im afraid nothing I tried ever helped and just costed a lot of money and time. I’m 5 weeks out from a cleft lift procedure to fix this problem, so far so good. I have mine 10 months to heal on its own, but it never did. I know you are only three months out, so hopefully it can heal on it’s own. If not, speak with a cleft lift surgeon. I wish I had much, much sooner. Good luck to you!