Is my son a Cleft Lift candidate?


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My son Tanner has had a pilonidal cyst for the last two years. He's 17 years old. His cyst is low, starting at about an inch above the anus and then goes up three inches (he's 6'2" so there's lot's of space.) It's infected, and oozing and really frustrating and annoying for him. He's never had any procedure for the cyst. He has an appointment with Dr. David Lambert in McKinney, Texas next week, but I'm trying to not get his hopes up. I'm worried he won't be a candidate, simply because I know nothing about the Cleft Lift. The open wound excision sounds scary and has a long recovery time. So I'm hoping with all of my heart the Cleft Iift is possible, I guess I'm just looking for some reassurance. Dr. Lambert and the hospitals where he operates are all in-network, so insurance coverage is good. What are the reasons Cleft Lift isn't viable? If any...