Is P. Cyst in anyway a disibility?



If you have a sit down job and you have a Pilonidal there anyway it could be considered a disibility?


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I doubt it.

It might help if you posted this in the regular forum, as opposed the polls forum. More people will read your question.


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let me disclaim that this is not legal advice, for that you should seek a lawyer.
But whether something is a "disability" depends on who is defining it. For example, under the Americans with Disabilities Act, a disability is anything that substantially affects a major life activity, or the person otherwise is regarded as having this kind of limitation (even if theydon't). If someone is fired or suffers adverse workplace treatment because of a "disability", he or she would have a claim for employment discrimination under the ADA.
In my experience, and reading some of the posters on this site, pilo can substantially limit some life activities...


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p.s. if you're asking in the context of getting primo parking spots, for that i think you have to ask your doctor


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No it's not. I have other disabilities but by no means does the government consider this a disability, I've lost 2 jobs because of this disease so I'm not really sure why. I'm thinking it's because we can go have a procedure done and get back to some kind of work within a month or two, with a disability the person does not get better and cannot get back to work at all.
HR ANSWER: it depends. According to the ada (Americans with disabilities act) it says that if you are unable to perform a regular normal everyday function ie sitting and can still do the essential functions of your job once accommodated then you qualify. It literally mentions sitting. Your work is legally required to accommodate your disability (for me I have a standing desk). However, if your disability prohibits you from performing the essential duties of your job then the answer is no.