Karydakis flap procedure vs Bascom cleft lift

Hey guys wanted to post a update.

I spoke with my surgeon today and she said she wanted to do the Karydakis flap procedure. It sounded all good on paper, she explained how they drag the skin to the side so that it addresses the gluteal cleft and its a closed procedure. She said that this was very similar to the Bascom cleft lift so that was reassuring. Was wondering if any of you had any input or experience on this. I really like this surgeon so I'm hoping i can get this surgery done with this surgeon and that this procedure will check out as well as a cleft lift would. Based off of studies I've been reading it seems to be pretty solid?

Thanks in advance!


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Surgeons have different interpretations of the surgeries so much so that a cleft lift and modified karydakis can end up being very similar or very different. For that reason, in my opinion, the terms should not be used interchangeably. What is important is to know exactly what you are looking for and be very thorough when explaining your expectations with your surgeon. An experienced surgeon with recommendations is always the key.
thanks for the response! Ya thats something i plan to bring up with her. Id like to know her success with this and how many she does to make sure its not something she does very rarely. From our first meeting she seems very smart and very confident in it. This being my third surgeon to speak with now, i really felt she was great! So I'm hoping for the best!