Marsupialization surgery log 1/11/19


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I figured I'd get this going in case there was anyone worried about this type of surgery or any surgery in general

I'm seeing Dr. Douglas Rosen in Charlotte NC who I know is capable of cleft lift and that was my assumption that he would go with when I first saw him but he chose marsupialization instead. I'm guessing it's less invasive and so cleft lift would've been overkill (which is surprising because I've had my cyst for 10 years).

Excited to finally do something about this.


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Nope, first time I've ever even had any person look at it. I don't know much about the technique other than it's relatively invasive and has a better success rate than wide excisions

Speaking of, I got out of surgery at about 9 (originally walked in the office at 630 and was knocked out by the general anesthesia at 748ish). Everything seems to be good so far? I'm a little afraid of when I have BMs but as long as I'm careful I can sit on my bum (in the recovery area as free surgery I was laying on a bed and then they out me in a wheelchair so clearly they think it's ok)

My first and maybe only checkup with Dr. Rosen isn't until Feb so I'm thinking that the recovery process should be smooth


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Day after surgery

The area is a little painful. The local anesthesia is wearing off. Sleeping was ok. Even though Dr. Rosen said it was ok to sleep on my back I'm trying to apply as little pressure eto the aree as possible

My biggest worry is the blood. I know that bleeding is expected but I'm unsure of how much is too much. I'll keep waiting until Monday to see if its still bleeding and then I'll call his office and check to make sure that it's not too much