"maybe a cure" ???????????What are your thoughts?

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gigi scared

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Thank-you everyone, I think this web-site is wonderful,</u>
It makes hard time like this a little easier,
This weekend I actually bummed into this older lady at a coffee shop and we started talking, I don’t know how the conversation came up!!! But we spoke about a Pilonidal cyst. I was taking about my butt with a complete stranger, that was weird anyways she’s a nurse and she mentioned to me that her son had the same thing growing up and she knew of an old magic technique to get rid of it!!!!!
Take a washcloth mix hot water and lot’s of salt (table salt) and place cloth directly on the CYST! and the Pilonidal cyst totally went away! 7 years later the boy never got operated and it totally went away!
Anyways of course I didn’t believe her!
But you know I’m been doing this technique and funny enough No PAIN! No joke
I’m still going to see the doctor; I don’t want to be naive about it either.
But it is definitely worth a try!

Thanks again everyone for your wonderful words of encouragement on my story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If you may know of any old techniques to maybe cure this awful infection [=(]please exchange them with me!


“At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person.
Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us.” ALBERT SCHWEITZER


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So I did the hot towel on the butt method a number of times with a flare up ( no table salt). This is
really just the hot compress. And it will take the swelling down. In my experience it never cured the
problem and just made living with the cyst a little more easy to take.

I am glad that it worked for this old lady son in getting rid of it.

Not trying to shoot down this "cure" but it's sounds too good to be true. Who knows maybe this son
would have just got over the cyst without doing anything.

I have tried some of the miracle cures. Silver/copper, tea leaves, etc. And the claims of complete
cures. Maybe in selected cases they might work but it's unclear if they really do anything. And for the
cases that were cured was it because of what was done or would it have gone away naturally.

I am sure everyone here has tried a number things before finally going the surgery route.
It would be great though if there was a non-surgerical method that cured this thing. Not sure this
is the case for the major of us that have a cyst.

gigi scared

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thanks for the reply,
I completely understand where your coming from, I to found this “cure” to be very unbelievable!
But I don’t understand why doctors have not done any further research and have not yet found a cure using antibiotics

This infection totally boggles my mind, why? This poison is found in so may of us!


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Actually why would the medical community do research on what they consider such as a minor condition?
Not when they can be working on heart disease, Alzhemers or other serious diseases that they can get
funding on and visability. And get credit for their research. Other than us that have the cyst, the
average public has no clue what these are. I sure didn't before I got one!

This isn't a new disease and has fairly well know since at least the second world war. So that's
sixty years to do something. Other than some advances in surgery methods nothing really has been

I don't even think Pilonidal cyst's are discussed in medical school. Or if they are only very minor


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In my opinion, Pilonidal is a birth defect. I think everyone (who has pilonidal isues) has a sinus, whether you can see it or not, and that's the way it starts. Hard to "cure" a birth defect. Opinionated, aren't I? :D

With that said, I believe the lady. Not sure that it "cured" the pilonidal abcess, but the salt water remedy may have done something to keep the cyst/abcess at bay. It may not work for everyone, I'm sure it won't [oyo]BUTT hey, it's a cheap try. I may try it on my son.


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gigi scared, did the lady say how often and how long for the hot salty compresses? Did she say how much salt?

gigi scared

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Hi Oscar,
Ok what the lady explained to me was the following
And this is exactly what I did

1.Take a very clean washcloth or (small towel)
2. Run cloth under hot tap water
3. Pour lots of table salt on to the cloth, and lightly rub salt in.
4. Place cloth directly on cyst /sinus /abscess/

Suggestion:</u> wait right before bedtime; leave on all night until next morning
No need to reheat,

DO NOT use technique on an open wound.
DO NOT try to clean a major wound either

Please discontinue if he experiences major discomfort or complications

Also keep in mind I’m just like everyone else, I don’t want to pressure anyone to do anything; I’m just doing my research on my side!
And if could help someone or reduce some pain, why not! I really wish this was the answer to all of our misery, but maybe not!

Anyways please keep me posted; I did my procedure for 3 day
Example (Monday Tuesday, Wednesday)

Note: Using this technique is at our own risk and please if you are very uncertain about this please seek medical attention.

take care
gigi [o+o]


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Thanks Gigi. I love old home remedies for things. Sometimes they work the best, and sometimes we need medical intervention. But I always think it's worth a try. If you come across any others, please post!


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The one with the worst cyst is 15. The other one is 19, but his are more like mine were at his age, every once in awhile get a sore bump, and then it goes away. 15 year old, however, has had his burst before. It drains quite a lot too. We'll have to wait for a "slow spot" in his life to get surgery. Like during the summer, and right after an orthodontic adjustment. A dental chair could be painful on a pilonidal that has just been removed. The oldest brother (22) has no problems. He must have taken after his Dad. I'm sorry to have passed this curse on to my sons.

gigi scared

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“At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person.
Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us.” [o+o]


gigi scared

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hi oscar there's my story!!!!!!!!!!! that i posted a week ago July 28,05

Hi there,
My story is pretty much the same, last June (2004) I went into the emergency with a very big in the butt (of course), the doctor told me not to worry and that I would have to come back when he though my cyst was ready to be drained!
I went back 2 days later by ambulance @ 2:00am crying my eyes out I really though my heart was going to stop.
THIS IS REALLY THE WORST PAIN IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!ouch ouch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anyways long story short they drained it, my doctor mentioned that my cyst was as large as an egg…. wow. Wow
After that I did 2 1/2 week of draining at a near by clinic, things got slowly better but the pain was unbearable during the process. After seeing no joke maybe 5 different doctors and 20 different nurses, I was told I really needed to get operated. Scared as hell of it coming back and long discussions of different possibilities I finally agreed to do the surgery.
Ok I see the surgeon and he tells me I was a great candidate for surgery, ok fine. Long waiting list at a hospital (Canada) max they would call me in about 5 months ya right.
They never called me back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Never called

Ok yesterday morning (July 28, 05) I wake up and guess what the cyst is back.
With one year on that stupid waiting list to get operated meant nothing, I’m back in
The same beginner stage, hard to sit down, I can’t really drive!!!!Etc…etc…
Anyways is there anyone who may have any advice on making the 2nd time around a little less pain full.
I can’t believe this; I’m getting so depressed…
I graduated in interior design 2 years ago, and now finally I work for the most amazing company in the world I do what I love, and construction is very high right now I can’t afford to be sick.

I can’t believe this [:^][:^][:^][:^][:^][:^][:^][:^][:^][=(][:xx]
Depressed like hell……………..help!

Words of encouragement
Since I did the salt compress, I’ve been feeling a little better


gigi scared

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I went to the doctor on Friday! I don’t have an infection, but he strongly suggests that I get operated and fast! Just encase

How are your son’s doing



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Oscar, I could see how you would think this to be a congenital disease/defect what with you and your two sons developing cysts. Many doctors also think that this is congenital. Though I'm more than willing to entertain the possibilty that it is a birth defect, I have my doubts. These things have never been present in my family's history and no one in my family has even heard of this condition. Personally, I'm more apt to believe that mine was caused from trauma to the tailbone area. I used to ride horses all the time and bounce around in the saddle. What I'm trying to say is that no one really knows what causes these because no one has done any in-depth research to find an answer. We all have our justifications for why this happens to each of us, but until there is some strong medical research supporting the theory of why these things happen, I'm not so sure anyone can say one thing or another.

gigi scared

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everything with me is defiantly ok for now[x0x],
I 'm taking it day by day

did you try the salt and water ?????????????

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