Mild cyst fully treated using tea tree oil - no surgery needed.


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I was absolutely freaking out when I first realized I had a pilo cyst. One thing I tried was putting tea tree oil on the cyst. I did this several times daily and soon noticed it improving. Fast forward several weeks and it was almost not noticeable. A few more months and it's practically gone. About two years later, after swimming a bunch at the beach and not showering as often as usual, I noticed it becoming tender again. So I got some tea tree oil, and after a few days of treatment, it's now totally not noticeable.

This might be useful for people! Please lmk if it works for you


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I JUST had one in June I didn't get it lanced I'd pretty much brought it to a head myself but needed that extra push of the antibiotics to get it out. A couple weeks ago it came back AGAIN, this is 2 in 2 months when I hadn't had one in 16 months. I'm currently managing the one I have but I feel like it's tunneling to another spot. It's very easy to pinpoint because its a sharp pain in a spot, kinda itchy. Should I apply the tea tree oil there? Or to where the abscess is trying to drain from? Do you apply pure tea tree oil or do you mix it with a carrier? I hope this makes sense.