Muscle spasms after surgery, HELP


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I’m an 18 y/o male who’s in his sixth day after getting an open-wound pilonidal cyst surgery. I need urgent help. I’ve been getting these sudden spasms in my injury (tailbone area) since my gauze was packed for the first time. Today, those spasms are the worst because whenever I’m relaxed and ready to sleep I get one and the pain is too much (lasts about 15 seconds) and I 100% can’t sleep. Every time I ease up I get these cramps/muscle spasms/contractions.

Are strong painkillers effective at completely eliminating cramp pain? Otherwise I don’t think I can sleep at all. I’m currently typing this while walking so the cramps stop but I need to rest.

I currently have two tubes stitched to my buttcheeks, spreading them apart, so my wound can heal maybe that has something to do with my issue?

I can’t consult my surgeon because surgeons don’t attend any type of calls on weekends or off-hours and I can’t find ANYTHING on the internet. Last thing I need to properly recover is no sleep and lots of pain and discomfort so
I’ll be eternally grateful to whoever helps me. Thanks in advance and please wish me luck


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I would say that muscle relaxers might be better than strong painkillers, but I’m not a doctor. The way it sounds is maybe they had to cut into the muscle and that’s why it’s causing it?

It’s unfortunate that doctors don’t have on call for this sort of reason. If you can’t wait until tomorrow, I’d go to the ER and see what they can do for you? I apologize I can’t help you more and I really hope you do get some sort of relief.


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Hi I have suffered with ps for over 5 years now since my first opp I have also had muscle spasm apparently it's common to have a twinge of pain esp after it has healed or is hesling. I seem to have more spasms when I'm having a flare up.