My cyst hasnt burst or showed signs of bursting and its been a month or so

So, I first noticed about 6 months ago, I had a purpleish small pimple looking thing above my butt crack. I tried to pop it, did, and that was that. I thought it was just a pimple. Fast forward about a month later, I was playing hockey. Landed on my tailbone, hurt like a son of a gun..thought it was nothing just a bruished tailbone, until I got home. Went to get ready for bed, pull down my boxers, and there is a bloody fleshy mess in em. It bled for a fit. I didnt think nothing of it still, was confused but just let it be, it was fine. A month or so later, I noticed a bump, and had NO CLUE what it was or could be, skin colored. It grew to the size of a golf ball. I just let it be, for 4 months. Until about a month ago, if started getting red and irritated, on a 18 hour car ride. Ever sense then it has been red, got inflamed, etc. its the same size but red and it hurts. But it doesnt seem to be quite to the stage some peoples are, Ive ready about some peoples who have had god awful pain. Mine doesnt seem to be to that point yet. But it is getting soarer, and redder each day, and the skin around it is kinda getting red. And it hasnt burst or leaked sense the hockey fall, 5 months ago. I have no clue what to do, surgery really isnt an option because of price and recovery time. Ive read about the relief and stuff after it actually bursts, so I have been trying to pop it with a needle or razor blade, but every time I have pussied out snd just couldnt bring myself to do it. I read something about aloe, so Ive been putting it on it but it just seems to piss it off and makes it more irritated and sore. I have noclue what to do. Ive been trying to set up a doctors appointment, but will they even be able to do anything without me having to wait or schedule something else? Ive heard urgernt care would lance it for you maybe? I dont know but its honestly so much more of s mind battle for me now I regret reading into it so much..