My experience on this matter


I want to share my experience. For the past 4 years I have a pilonidal cyst in my ass :)

As many of you probably did, I did not took the discomfort serious for a long time and when I got to the doctor I was already in great pain. The first couple of times the doc just helped take the pus out and prescribed me medicines that, eventually, stop working. Later he suggest the small surgery treatment. Local anestesia and that's it. The recovering period took a while (about a month and a half) and I got hurt a couple of times (while sitting down for example). When it final got cured another one just decided to appear. The good old doctor suggested then the BIG surgery as the only solution for my case. Unfortunately, I live in Mexico (Cancun region) and the public hospitals sucks and the private one's are really expensive. Since I'm portuguese I decided (not that I had any other option) to wait until I had sometime at home to get the surgery at my country's cheap and excellent quality hospital.

Unfortunately it has been 3 years since then and I haven't had the time (vacation time I mean) to be at my home town enough time to make it work. So I'm stuck with this, and although now I have money to pay the private mexican hospital I don't have the time to stay without working for such a long time.

I higly recommend the hot water bags (although sometimes I burn my skin in it) and the castor oil.Also bought a Tush Cush that was totally worth it. But the rest of things (coconut oil, silecea, etc) I haven't tried because some things are not very easy to find. So my question to you all is, what does really work?

Thank you for your time