My story - 5 years pilonidal sinus - bascom procedure


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Hi guys

I had been suffering with pilonidal sinus for 5 years. I am currently 25 and have always suffered with severe anxiety attacks when it comes to surgical procedures or needles. I used to avoid doctors at all costs.

Having pilonidal sinus had stopped me from doing so many things whilst i was at university and caused alot of aggro but i put up with it just so i didnt have to have surgery. I tried many home remedies hoping it would somehow go but it didnt work

So fast forward to 2017, my sinus became infected, probably the 20th time so i went to the doctors and got antibiotics expecting it to go like previously. The infection did not go, i was in so much pain i had to be referred to the emergency surgical department. I was checked by a surgeon and he said they will have to do an incision and drainage under general anaesthetic as the infection would get worse if left. I declined at first, the nurses were going to let me go home but my heart beat was too high so they couldnt. I took a walk around the hospital to calm down and said to myself, f**k it i have no choice but to do it. I went back in and asked to see the surgeon. I told him do whatever you need to and signed the consent forms. Within 2hrs i was in the pre op room in the chair waiting to have the IV inserted. I had worked myself up so much as i read on the internet by people that the IV really hurt. I kept asking for the gas to put me to sleep before they insert it. After alot of attempts they finally gave me the gas. Next thing i remember is waking up in recovery with it all done.

A month down the line after it healed it started getting infected again. I got antibiotics and it went but returned few days later. At this point i had enough, i went and saw miss asha senapati at QA hospital in portsmouth to get it removed. She suggested the bascom procedure. Operation day comes 2-3 months later and im very nervous but know i need it done. The time comes to put the IV in and i kept pulling my hand away. They had put numbing cream on my hands but i still kept pulling away to the point that they said we will have to cancel the operation if you dont let us insert the IV. I shut my eyes and turned the other way with one of the nurses holding my hand and talking to me. From someone who has severe panic attacks with needles, i did not feel a thing. Not even a little scratch or pinch, nothing. As soon as my attack was coming as i knew that they were inserting the needle, the doctors injected some medicine and i was completly relaxed. The operation was done under sedation so i was awake but dont remember much as i fell asleep for the middle chunk of it. I remember talking alot of rubbish to the nurses haha.

5 months after op and i have a small lump of scar tissue which is reducing slowly. No infections or recurrance as of yet. Minimal discomort. I can do nearly everything i couldnt before. I just wish i had done the operation sooner instead of suffering.

I know this post is long but prior to my surgery i used to read many forums with people who had this problem, many were very scared or just putting up with it. From someone who has severe anxiety with surgerical procedures and needles, get the operation done. You hear some people saying there in worse pain after the surgery and regret getting it done but what about all the successfull ones. Majority of those people never post there stories. Be positive, be strong and if you are scared of the IV, get numbing cream and just look away. Trust me you wont feel a thing! You only have one life, dont suffer when it can be dealt with.


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Hi Micky,

This post was very reassuring to read, I am due to have the bascom procedure at the beginning of May, what was your recovery like? How long did it take before you could sit down/be back to normal/ travel etc? I'm not worried about the operation itself but more so the aftermath!


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Hi Susy
I recovered within 2 weeks but I took an extra week off just to let the skin strengthen. Within a week I drove to get my stitches removed for the pit holes. The incision was still open but discomfort was minimal to none, ofcourse if you sit down for long hours you will feel abit sore so best to keep off the area as much as you can. I didn't take any pain killers except the day I had my operation. You will be walking around after 2 days, driving after a week or two but everyone's recovery is different. Aftermath is definitely nothing to worry about. You will be fine

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I too had the cleft lift with Senapati and like you was very nervous about it. 4 months healed now! My second follow up is this month.

Cleft Lift has changed my life


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Thank you for your reply! I can’t express how reassuring it is to hear that the bascom has changed your life for the better - my operation is tomorrow, fingers crossed