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Hi everyone! I'm currently at my witts end with pilo cysts.
My first was about 7 years ago & i had no idea what it was. It was huge & i had several white "heads" which with a bit of pressure unleashed the most revolting contents, treated with antibiotics & didn't reoccur for a few years. The next appeared & went away with antibiotics quite quickly & left me alone until March 2016.........
Almighty pilo monster appears, refused to budge with antibiotics & landed me in a&e on a Saturday night, i was operated on the next day by which point I'd hit fever stage. All I could do was cry with pain! :( & if i thought that was bad i was in for a treat when my packing had to be changed! Anyway the lovely nurses sorted me out daily with aquacel gel & it healed quickly.
Problem fixed, or so i thought.... every month since it had flared up & I've been put on antibiotics. TWO may i add! co-amoxiclav & metronidazole (don't ever drink alcohol on that one) yikes! I've had a further drainage but i'm still being plagued.
Ive been keeping track of every flare up & have noticed that it happens when I'm due my period. Ive done a little googling & have found some other stories of similar experiences. So my question is, has anyone else here experienced this & had any treatment/been put onto any medication to help this?
Thanks for reading my story

P.s current beast has just popped & after draining there is a perfect tiny hole, could this be the reason it keeps recurring?