Need advice on surgery

Hello! I am having surgery soon on a first time owner of a pilonidal cyst and it is a small one. I was hoping if anyone could tell me why the technique of completely suturing the wound has the worst healing? Is it because they are usually deep. Is healing rate like any other surgery? The place on the body is not the most helpful for healing I know but if properly taken care of and keep clean and dry it should be ok. Right? And of course the individuals healing ability comes into play.
Thanks for help:)
Any procedure that leaves an incision or wound deep in the gluteal cleft has a high rate of failure. The problem is "the cleft", and the operations with the highest success rate address the shape of the cleft and flatten it out. Keeping it clean and dry is great, but when these procedures fail, it is usually not a failure of taking care of the wound, but rather a problem with the basic anatomy and the choice of operation.

Dr Immerman