Need advice, thanks!


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So, I think my first PC (not diagnosed, but I think I have it) was about 2 years ago. It comes every year or so. So, I think I have one now, I had a really painful one two weeks ago. The only thing in common is that I was having sex on the floor (maybe the weight of my gf put a lot of pressure there) or I don't know, maybe it's because I'm pannicking. My cysts always become infected, and then, they just disappear-no pus no blood ( I will I post a picture) Ihaven't seen a doctor (I won't miss college), so I would like some help Herr

1. Do these things worse up? Like, if I wait, they will expand or something? I only know that things doesn't go deeper, like something on the fatty tissue won't likely go deeper, but things deep rise up trough the skin.

2. It's normal? Here people always says that their cysts burst and leak blood and everything.

3. It's normal if after one flare up, a small-sized (like a half a pea) stays there? No pain, just like a felling of numbness

4. It's cleft-lift a good option for someone as me? Like, If I have this, I would prefer to Go all-in.

As you can see, I'm really hair. Y also left my fingers in The pic to give a comparision in size.