Need help deciding what to do


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I had a closed excision in February that initially seemed to be healing good but then the incision split and was discharging with intermittent pain that felt like the cyst pain so I left it for a while to see if it would heal up and finally a little over a week ago I went to my surgeon because he said he could try the silver nitrate to try to get it to heal but as soon as he looked at it he said it wasnt the incision that split it was actually pits from the cyst and essentially he didnt get it all out the first go around. He put me on antibiotics for 10 days which has stopped the discharge and appearance wise seems to have closed up the pits. My question is he said if the antibiotics cleared it up I dont need surgery again which doesn't make any sense to me because if they were pits there's sinuses attached to those pits aka the cyst is not gone....I dont want to get another surgery but I dont want to be blindsided if this pain in my butt isn't really gone.


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Hello, if you have pits then antibiotics are almost certainly not going to heal it. Unfortunately you may need another procedure.