Nervous about surgery


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Hello! I am a 20 year old female, who has had my cyst since last november-december. It has recently reemerged after being treated with antibiotics the first time, and has gotten to the point where it is becoming debilitating for me again, and as such I have decided to pursue surgery, which I am admittedly very afraid about, as the procedure sounded very intense, at least the way my surgeon described it, as "coring out" the tissue and having a plastic surgeon come in to repair it, I think it was described as a flap reconstruction or something to that effect. The recovery time does not seem horribly long, but I just am worried about if anything might go wrong afterwards such as infection or reopening of the wound, it all just sounds so brutal and horrific in my head. It is made all the more scary that I do not know if I will be able to have my family in the room with me while waiting to go in for surgery or if I am held overnight if anyone will be able to sit with me, since the whole COVID-19 situation. I would just appreciate some words of support and encouragement, as I am quite nervous about surgeries in general, but this will be my first "major" surgery, and I would just like to have some words of kindness thrown my way, as I go along this journey. If anyone can relate to experiencing a cyst like this at my age, or can just offer some advice for my eventual recovery process, anything at all would be incredibly helpful. Thank you, I love that there's a support group like this for people like us! It makes me feel less alone already.