Newborn with pilonidal abscess


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Hi there.

I joined this community because my two week old has what I believe to be a pilonidal cyst/abscess. Today her pediatrician agreed with my suspicion.

A few days after her birth I noticed a long red bump at the base of her tailbone. Her cries during diaper changes seemed to increase when that area was wiped which is what had me take a closer look. That’s when I noticed the red swollen area. I watched it over the next few days and it grew slightly and looked more inflamed then came to a head, a few days later I noticed a tiny amount of pus in her diaper and the bump seemed a bit smaller. I applied a warm compress and applied pressure to express what little I could but didn’t want to overdo it and further irritate the area.

Now I’m not entirely sure how to proceed. It’s a terrible location, especially on a baby because it’s impossible to keep 100% clean and dry being that she obviously is in diapers. Her pediatrician says we should eventually talk to a surgeon. I’m wondering if it would be best to take action sooner rather than later.

I am not really finding much information online when I search “newborn/congenital pilonidal sinus/cyst/abscess” etc. So here I am hoping that someone can point me in the right direction with resources to anything related regarding newborns!

Thank you!!


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I would reach out to Dr Immerman to get his thoughts. Before I even knew what the disease was or could do (my son had it) I used google to find out all I could. I ended up on this forum and then emailed Dr Immerman. He responded to me on a Saturday. I would do your research, but only go with the top surgeons to tackle this disease. Best of luck!