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    I wanted to begin this thread for ANYONE who is seeking treatment in the Northern VA/DMV area. I am going in for my 3rd procedure now (cleft-lift) tomorrow on Thursday, February 16, 2017. My surgeon is Dr. Daniel Otchy from Fairfax Colon & Rectal Surgery. Now my background...

    I noticed this issue probably 1.5 - 2 years ago, and just sat on it thinking it was nothing to worry about. I never had pain, simply occasions of seeing blood on toilet paper after bowel movements. I was referred to Dr. Daniel Otchy from my primary care physician around July 2016. I don't believe I ever had an actual cyst, just an infected point that needed excision/cleaning. It was determined I needed surgery and here has been my surgery timeline:

    1st Surgery (Early August 2016) - Outpatient procedure, and Dr. Otchy performed an excision with open wound healing. Procedure was quick, and their wasn't much pain post surgery. I admit I was lazy in thoroughly cleaning the wound and it became infected. My first post-op was about a week later and Dr. Otchy prescribed me antibiotics. I saw him again a week after that and everything was looking good and healing...Unfortunately it stopped healing at a point, and refused to close completely. I probably had about 1-2 centimeter wound that just wouldn't close. It was here where I learned that my biggest hurdle was that I had a very "deep cleft" which was making the recovery difficult because oxygen wasn't getting to the wound. After a couple months of post-ops, it was determined I needed a 2nd procedure.

    2nd Surgery (December 30, 2016) - Outpatient procedure, and Dr. Othcy performed an excision but closed the wound with stitches this time. Procedure was quick, and wasn't much pain after. I saw him 5 days after the surgery, and he looked at the wound and found NO SIGN OF INFECTION and the wound was looking good, but he left the stitches in. I took stool softeners, but stubbornly didn't for 1 day and I paid the price...After a difficult bowel movement (about a week post surgery) there was a decent amount of blood on my toilet paper and I knew one of the stitches opened. I saw Dr. Otchy 1 week after this (2 weeks post-op now) and he confirmed that the stitch closest to my anus had opened, but still no sign of infection. I saw him about 1 week after that again (2.5 - 3 weeks post op) and he removed the remaining stitches and said that the area where the first stich opened had healed a little, but not to where he thought it would be at that point in time. We then scheduled another post-op for 3 weeks after this, because he went on vacation and the appointment was around 6 weeks post surgery. The wound was now WORSE than before, but that was due to my fault mostly. I am very active and performed a lot of physical workouts during this break, so I didn't give the wound appropriate time to heal. At this point he now confirmed that we need to do the cleft-lift procedure.

    3rd Surgery (February 16th, 2017) - Dr. Otchy will be performing this procedure on me tomorrow. As a side note though, I asked him about this procedure before but I believe he uses the phrase "Gluteal-Lift" instead of Cleft-lift. After hearing him discuss the procedure, I am 99.9% sure it is the exact same procedure, he just calls it "Gluteal-Lift." He was reluctant to use this procedure on me in the past because the size of my wound has been tiny compared to those that he normally has to do this procedure on. I haven't made it easy because I am very active, but I do think I have been one of his more perplexing patients because my wounds seem to heal and then suddenly stop. He has come to the conclusion that it is because of my more than normal "deep cleft."

    3rd Surgery Recovery Notes - He has given me a timetable of about 2-3 weeks off of work. I work a desk job, so sitting is the big issue here. I've done research where people come back quicker than this, but I believe Dr. Otchy wants to play it safe here because this is the 3rd procedure in 6 months and wants to give it the MAX time that it can to completely heal. I am committed to this approach and will not do any physical activity for the 2-3 weeks.

    I will post frequently post-surgery on my recovery!!!

    Please feel free to message me about Dr. Daniel Otchy. I personally am fine/happy with him as my doctor, but I can see where some patients might get frustrated at times.

    I also thought it was strange I couldn't find much on DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) pilonidal surgeons/experiences for being such a large metropolitan area, so hopefully this will help someone!
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    It's very important that you are completely certain what will be done. There have been many times that members went into surgery thinking they were getting one thing and something completely different happened. Were you told what your scar would look like afterwards? That can tell a lot.
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    I go there, too! I see Dr. Stern. I had my surgery back in August and the wound still hasn't healed. Very frustrating.

    He has no answers for me. It feels like it just stopped healing. He says it looks clean but... it's just not doing anything.

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